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10 Cleanest Places on Earth

An old adage says that Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Indeed it is true that whenever you are in a clean and tidy place, you feel an inner peace and serenity. It could be our home and other specific locations where we feel we are safe where it could be our refuge from the cares and worries of the world.  Hence, this is also a sign of development and higher state of human civilization that signifies growth and real stability. On this list, you could find the most sought paradise because of the highest maintenance of cleanliness and felicity, Below are the Cleanest Places on Earth

10. Oslo, Norway
10. Oslo Norway e1331110010344 10 Cleanest Places on Earth
Oslo is considered to be the largest city found in Norway that also serves as the capital city of the country. It is the central place for shipping, banking, trade, and other industries. It has the most extensive transport system in Norway. It has good air quality, specifically when summer season comes in. It is known for its massive waterfalls, mountains, and its reputation of being one of the safest places in the world.

9. Kobe, Japan
9. Kobe Japan e1331110044732 10 Cleanest Places on Earth
When it comes to cosmopolitan lifestyle, Kobe is the best city that you can find in Japan. This is the reason why it continuously attracts visitors from other nations and even within the locality. Some of the things that made it become comparatively distinct are with cleanliness through separate roadway drainage that avoids the release of untreated sewage into rivers and other waterways, which is one of the common issues in some countries and the picturesque seas and mountains. It is the 6thlargest city in Japan.

8Copenhagen, Denmark
8. Copenhagen Denmark e1331110073437 10 Cleanest Places on Earth
It is the cleanest city in Europe, which is actually the result of the surveys conducted proactively among the travelers and visitors in various European countries. Hence, it is also the greenest place in the world. It is a bike and walk-friendly city found in Denmark. In fact, they embrace clean incinerators wherein they convert trash into energy.

7. Adelaide, Australia
7. Adelaide Australia e1331110107509 10 Cleanest Places on Earth
It is one of the key cities and most populous place in Australia. Nevertheless, some of the comments and feedback that most of the travelers give has something to do with its cleanliness and uncluttered environment. Also, it is the most affordable city where an individual can settle into, based on transportation and accommodations drafted in the whole country of Australia.

6. Minneapolis, United States
6. Minneapolis United States e1331110133631 10 Cleanest Places on Earth
This is not just part of the cleanest places in the world but it is cited as the second cleanest and smartest city in America. The criteria for achieving this recognition are because of the major improvements done in the district, as this is the only city that accepts electronic waste for free. According to the Travel & Leisure, it is a well-kept and a smart looking city.

5. Wellington, New Zealand
5. Wellington New Zealand e1331110163577 10 Cleanest Places on Earth
It is recognized as the greenest and cleanest city in New Zealand. Some of the things that made this place part of this list are considerably based on the quality of life that people maintain, open space, recycling processes that they are doing, which makes this place free from pollution.

4. Helsinki, Finland
4. Helsinki Finland e1331110187117 10 Cleanest Places on Earth
Some of the people who have never been in Finland find this country mysterious. In fact, majority of those people who have been to Finland, specifically to Helsinki, found this place very interesting. It has the cleanest public restroom facilities whether you are in their shopping centers, department stores, and other areas. They have the cleanest transportation facilities too even if you are riding on the second class type of trains.

3. Ottawa, Canada
3. Ottawa Canada e1331110216685 10 Cleanest Places on Earth
When it comes to ambiance, Ottawa is one of the comfortable and coolest places in the world as to its natural purity aside from humid continental climate that the place has. It is also the capital city of Canada. It is surrounded by forests, parklands, and wetlands.

2. Honolulu, Hawaii
2. Honolulu Hawaii e1331110241984 10 Cleanest Places on Earth
It has the cleanest air in America based on the air report conducted and released. It got an A mark for its Ozone or smog rating, along with the particle pollution or soot. This is in support and implementation of the Clean Air Act that people observe there.

1. Calgary, Canada
1. Calgary Canada e1331110274489 10 Cleanest Places on Earth
It is consistently ranked and included on the yearly top 10 list of the cleanest places on earth. This has been boosted because of the implementation and development of sanitation systems, two to three years ago with their Too Good to Waste Program. Moreover, they are consistent with their efforts in reducing demolition and construction waste, through trainings and financial incentive programs.
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