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10 Coldest Place in the world

This post is about the coldest places in the world. Places from different localities which have coldest climatic conditions with temperature which may be freezing even at its maximum have been enlisted in this post. Although there may be other places which are colder as well but only the top 10 coldest places in the world have been put in the list having the temperature description of two different places from the same countries. That means, five countries possess two coldest places each.
coldest places 10 Coldest Places In The World

Following are the coldest places enlisted with the temperatures in Fahrenheit as well as Celsius below:

10). Rogers Pass, Montana-US:

This is the tenth coldest place in the world which is continentally divided in Northern side of Montana located in United States of America. This is favorite place of flying birds going towards East. Swans, Canadian geese, golden eagles, bald eagles, snow geese and other type of winter animals are often seen at this Pass. The coldest month of this place is March and April. The extreme coldest Celsius temperature of -56.5C was recorded at this Pass and the Fahrenheit temperature was -69.7F.

09). Fort Selkirk, Yukon-Canada:

This place is located in the region of Yukon situated in the country of Canada. Fort Selkirk is the ninth ranking coldest place among the coldest places in the World. This town was almost deserted because of the extreme cold climatic conditions in 1950s. But now, it has been restored somehow due to certain suitable arrangements made at this place. No matter, that it can only be reached by boat or by air. The coldest month of Fort Selkirk is January. The extreme coldest Celsius temperature was recorded as -58.9C and Fahrenheit temperature was -74F.

08). Prospect Creek, Alaska- USA:

This place experiences a sub-arctic type of climatic condition which means that the season at this place is a long-term winter season and through the year there is only a shorter time for the mild summers. Prospect Alaska was somehow expanded because of the construction of trans-Alaska. But now when the weather conditions are even severe, this place has become much smaller than before. The coldest month of this place is February. The extreme coldest temperature in Celsius was recorded as -62Cand the Fahrenheit temperature as -79.6F.

07). Snag, Yukon-Canada:

Snag is another coldest place in Yukon situated in Canada likewise Fort Selkirk ranking on sixth number. It is a small village on a small dry and cold weathered side-road turned to Alaska Highway. It is situated in bowl-shaped valley of White River in Yukon of Canada. The sky is full of fog at this place and the weather is very chill and freezing. Frequent cold wind flows continuously with great frost. The coldest month of this place is January. The extreme coldest temperature in Fahrenheit was recorded as -81.4F and in Celsius as -65C.

06). Eismitte-Greenland:

This is the sixth numbered coldest place in the world situated in Greenland. In English, Eismitte is also called as Mid-Ice. It was a site in the interior Arctic side of Greenland. In German, Eismitte means Ice-Center. Literally, this place is meant to be the perfect place delivering a perception of ice around everywhere at this place, Eismitte. The coldest month is February of this place. The coldest extreme temperature recorded in Fahrenheit was -84.8F and -64.9C in Celsius.

05). North Ice-Greenland:

This place comes on the fifth number among the top coldest areas in the world. This place is the name of a research station which was once occupied and expanded indeed by the British North Greenland Expedition between the times 1952 to 1954. This research center was situated on the inland ice of this Northern place. The coldest month this place experiences is the month of February. The extreme coldest temperature in Fahrenheit is -86.8F and in Celsius is -66C.

04). Verkhoyansk-Russia:

This coldest place is a small town in Sakha Republic situated in Russia. It is a town which experiences great differences between the extreme summer season and the peak of winter season. The temperature changes with the alternation of the seasons with the passage of time. However, it is one the coldest place in the winter season and the winter time is more than the summer time in Verkhoyansk. The coldest period of this place is the month of July. The extreme cold temperature in Fahrenheit is -89.8F and in Celsius is -67.7C.

03). Oymyakon-Russia:

It is a valley in the Khrabet Mountains and a village in Sakha Republic of Russia. This is another but colder area of Russia again than Verkhyansk. This place again experiences extreme subarctic climate with long lasting winters for a longer period of time. The coldest month of this Russia’s place is the month of February. The extreme coldest temperature in Fahrenheit is -96F and -71.1C in Celsius.

02). Plateau Station-Antarctica:

This is the second ranking place among the coldest places. This is a mothballed American Research and theatrical production station on the Antarctic Plateau. The station was closed in 1969 and the coldest month at this place is the month of July. The extreme coldest temperature in Fahrenheit recorded was -119.2F and in Celsius was -84C.

01). Vostok-Antarctica:

This is the top coldest place among the other entire coldest place in the world situated in Antarctica. This is an Antarctic Russian Station for the research. This pole of cold is on the Southern side of Russia experiencing the coldest temperature ever. This place has the lowest authentication for the normal natural measured temperature of the atmosphere on the Earth. The coldest month is the month of August in Vostok. The extreme coldest temperature recorded at this place in Fahrenheit is -128.6F and -89.2C in Celsius.

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